Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Courses

Presenter photoFirst impressions count and in business you might not get a second chance. How you give a presentation or speak in public representing you or your company may have a profound impact on your success. Many individuals give presentations throughout their life but never receive any formal advice or guidance. Using experience drawn from the world of training and also theatre, the presentation skills and public speaking courses show you how to make that dynamic speech or presentation and win business. Do not leave it to chance.

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Courses

There are three different courses that can be run on-site at your location; all that is needed is a suitably-sized room. If you prefer to learn away from work, a suitable room in a conference facility or hotel near you to save you travelling can be sourced. All learning material necessary for the courses is supplied.

Individual coaching in these subjects to help you aim for a specific presentation objective can be provided on request.

The presentation and public speaking courses are:

Speaking with Confidence Seminar (½-day)

This half-day seminar is for those wishing to become more effective, confident public speakers.  Ideal if you need to speak in public and want to improve your confidence. Speaking with confidence outline…

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshop (1-day)

This one-day workshop helps you improve your public speaking skills, and covers planning and delivering a talk or presentation, with or without a computer. Coping with stage fright, techniques of speaking, handling difficulties, tips for success and use of visual aids. No computers are used but delegates are expected to deliver a 5 to 10 minute presentation on a subject of their choice. They will develop the presentation during the day and deliver it receiving feedback. Change a run-of-the-mill presentation into a dynamic and attention grabbing one. Presentation skills outline…

Public Speaking Using Microsoft PowerPoint (2-days)

This two-day course is designed for people who need to make effective public speeches and winning presentations. Not only does it help you improve your public speaking skills but you also learn how to use PowerPoint to create effective and eye-catching presentations. Delegates are expected to develop a 10-minute presentation after the first day that will be delivered on the second day. This course can be split so the days occur on separate weeks to allow more time for presentation creation. Public Speaking with PowerPoint course outline…