Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – An Introduction

This one-day Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 course covers creating slide shows for speaker-led presentations. See how to add animations and slide transitions and how to control the flow of the presentation.

You will learn to:

  • Use the ribbon
  • Set up Autosave and file recovery
  • Work with outlines
  • Use normal view
  • Change the scale of the view
  • Create a new slide show
  • Use slide layouts
  • Make bulleted lists
  • Work with graphic objects
  • Add lines, colours & shadows
  • Add clip-art to the presentation
  • Create and edit a chart
  • Use Word Art
  • Add transitions and animation

Who would benefit from this Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 course?

Users who want to learn to create business-class Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 slide shows. Users who are self-taught or who have already put together a presentation might benefit more from the  PowerPoint – Beyond the Basics course.


No pre-requisites are required; although a basic understanding of Windows and familiarity with using a mouse would be an advantage.