Microsoft Excel 2016 – Beyond the Basics

If you have used Microsoft Excel for a while but have never really looked at what it can offer you then this one-day course covers features of Microsoft Excel beyond the basics that many self-taught users are familiar with including charts and sparklines, functions, filtering, and cell referencing.

You will learn to:

  • Use absolute and relative cell references in formulas
  • Work with names for easier formulas
  • Create formulas that use multiple worksheets
  • Link workbooks together
  • Control cell results using the various IF and Lookup functions
  • Create better and updated charts
  • Use chart recommendations and fine tune charts
  • Add trend lines and sparklines
  • Filter workbook data and lists
  • Incorporate subtotalling
Who would benefit from this Microsoft Excel 2016 course?

This course is designed for people who are looking to use more features of their spreadsheet to give their work that extra polished look and functionality.


A basic understanding of Microsoft Excel 2016 is required, or attendance at the Microsoft Excel – An Introduction course. Those users who feel they already have the skills covered on this course would benefit more from the Microsoft Excel Advanced User course.