Microsoft Excel 2016 – An Introduction

This one-day course starts at the beginning and is designed for first-time users of Microsoft Excel. It introduces entering and editing cells and simple statistical functions and it also covers setting up a layout and how to create charts quickly.

You will learn to:

  • Start Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Use the ribbon and customise Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Work with the Backstage and Protected Views
  • Work with cells and ranges
  • Enter and edit data and also how to use the Office clipboard
  • Respond to Smart Tags
  • Use simple formulas and functions
  • Use AutoSum to quickly add
  • Use AutoComplete in lists
  • Apply easy formatting
  • Create templates
  • Work with headers and footers
  • Quickly create charts using chart recommendations and quick analysis

Who would benefit from this Microsoft Excel 2016 course?

This course is designed for new users of Microsoft Excel 2016.


Delegates should be familiar with the rudimentary PC keyboard. A basic understanding of using Windows and familiarity with using a mouse would be an advantage. Those users with regular use of Excel even in a limited capacity would benefit more from the Microsoft Excel Beyond the Basics course.