Microsoft Access 2016 – Beyond the Basics

This one-day course is for users who have created Microsoft Access 2016 databases. Covering primary and foreign keys, indexes, multi-table forms, calculated fields, action queries and multi-table reports.

Learn how to:

  • Work with forms
  • Create sophisticated Multi-table forms
  • Use calculated fields
  • Show lists on forms
  • Display options on forms
  • Create advanced queries
  • Change query joins to show missing data
  • Create queries that ask for criteria at run-time
  • How to find duplicates and unmatched records
  • How to use queries to delete, add and update data
  • Create reports based on multiple tables
  • Create reports based on other reports and queries

Who would benefit from this Microsoft Access 2016 course?

This course is designed for existing users of Microsoft Access 2016 especially those wanting to leave the wizards behind and create business-critical databases.


Delegates should have used Microsoft Access 2016 already, although this may be limited to using wizards, or have attended one of the Access Introduction courses.