Microsoft Word 2013 – Beyond the Basics

This one-day course for users of Microsoft Word 2013, covers how to easily create advanced documents that look professional. Create a corporate look to Microsoft Word 2013 documents. Covers formatting, styles, tables, and tracking changes.

You will learn to:

  • Edit and save PDF files
  • Apply a consistent and professional look to documents using styles
  • Create ready-made paragraphs of text
  • Use tables to help formatting data and information
  • Split documents into different sections
  • Work with columns – newspaper layouts for your information sheets
  • Review documents and track changes, and understand the benefits and risks
  • Use Simple Markup and reply to comments
  • Apply bullets, numbers & line numbering
  • Use footnotes and endnotes
  • Create table-of-contents and indexes easily
  • Create PDF documents with bookmarks

Who would benefit from this Microsoft Word 2013 course?

Existing users of Microsoft Word 2013 who want a training course that covers more professional features of their word processor.


A basic understanding of Microsoft Word 2013 or attendance on one of the Microsoft Word Introduction training courses is required.