Microsoft Word 2013 – An Introduction

If you have been placed in front of a computer to use Microsoft Word, then this one-day introductory Microsoft Word 2013 training course where you can learn about word processing, editing and enhancing text.

You will learn to:

  • Use the ribbon
  • Create Microsoft Word 2013 documents
  • Open and edit PDF files
  • Work with Backstage and Protected views
  • Move around documents quickly and easily
  • Select, edit and enhancing text easily
  • Use headers and footers to improve Word documents
  • Use the Microsoft Word AutoCorrect, AutoText and Spell Checker tools
  • Print using different options available in Microsoft Word 2013
  • Handle compatibility with other versions

Who would benefit from this Microsoft Word 2013 course?

Those people new to word-processing who want an introduction to best practices with the program.


Delegates should be familiar with the rudimentary PC keyboard. Please telephone if you require more clarification.