About the training

Every course is instructor-led to help you get the best training possible, and with courses from only £67 per person per day the training is very cost-effective.

Customised Training

All of the courses can be customised to include or remove elements from standard courses and there is no extra fee for doing this. All courses are run onsite at your location.  Training computers are supplied  – there is no extra charge. A training classroom for up to six people, ready to train, can be set up within 30 minutes of arriving.

High Quality Training Material

With all the courses you receive course material and manuals, which are high quality and produced in-house. All courses are created and written by me. None of the training courses have been bought in. The courses are based on learning the necessary business skills. This assures you of the highest quality, plus, courses can be tailored to precisely fit your needs. Real-world skills are taught and they target the skills you need to perform your work effectively and efficiently. Clients return again and again because of the high quality of this work.