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Welsh Characters in Word

I was asked during a training course this week how to easily insert the Welsh characters of ŷ and Ŷ.  Here are some ways to do it, and of course, the first two methods would work for any required character not on the usual keyboard:

Use the Insert Symbol Dialog.

  1. Using Insert tab from the Ribbon, then in the Symbols groups click on Symbol.
  2. Select the Latin Extended-A subset, and click down about 1 page in the dialog using the vertical scroll bar to find the symbols.
  3. Double click on the relevant symbol and then close the dialog.

Use the Pre-Assigned Shortcut Keys

You could use the shortcuts keys that let you work with any 4-number Unicode. In your document, type 0177 on your keyboard then press ALT + X to insert ŷ, or type 0176 then press ALT + X to insert Ŷ.

Create Your Own Shortcut Keys

You could assign your own shortcut keys. Highlight the symbol in the grid, then click on the Shortcut Key… button in the Symbol dialog to create a new shortcut key assignment. Maybe use CTRL + Y for the lower case ŷ and CTRL + SHIFT + Y for the upper case Ŷ.