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Windows 10 creator update causes Outlook and iCloud problem

I use MS Outlook 2016 on my PC for my email and also iCloud to synchronise my diary and contacts with my iPhone.  Along came the latest Windows 10 Creator update and after installation I was unable to open my Outlook Calendar and People folders.

There are numerous suggestions on what do to do out there on the Internet some even suggesting all Apple software should be uninstalled and re-installed. I didn’t want to go to that extent, so instead just tried repairing my iCloud installation.

Firslty, make sure that Outlook is not running, then in Windows 10 select Settings, Apps & Features. Scroll down and click on the iCloud entry, then select Modify. Finally, select the Repair option  and click on Next. Follow the dialog.  Easy!

Windows 10 Upgrade Stops Outlook and Visual Studio

Last week after the long wait, Windows 10 was finally released and the upgrade download appeared magically on my PC ready to run.

The installation took about an hour and appeared to run smoothly; however, my Visual Studio 2015 installation required me to run the Repair option. After that I tried Office 2013 and it seemed OK.

Unfortunately, I kept getting this error message when trying to send emails

Sending error 0x800CCC13 Cannot connect to the network.
Verify your network connection or modem.


When I looked at my account configuration and tested the Outlook account the test worked perfectly, sending and receiving the test email. Yet, whenever Outlook tried to send emails normally I received the error message.

Loads of suggestions included restarting the Computer in clean boot to make sure no third-party applications are interfering with Outlook sending emails (no good), turning off the Exchange Add-In (no good), removing and deleting the stuck emails (no good and then I had to re-write the emails), and creating a new Outlook profile to remove any corruption (no good either).

Eventually I decided to run the System File Checker (what after a fresh upgrade? Surely not you say!)

I had to open the Run menu by right-clicking on the start button and choosing Run. Then I entered the following command to run the System File Checker tool:

sfc /scannow


The sfc /scannow command scans all protected system files, and replaces corrupted files with a cached copy that is located in a compressed folder at %WinDir% \System32\dllcache. The %WinDir% placeholder represents the Windows operating system folder.

Lo and behold, it found corrupted system files and repaired them. After that, Outlook was back on form and working correctly.

I still like Windows 10 though.