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Office 2013 Annoying Animations

Some Office 2013 users may find the new animation effects in the various programs a little annoying. In my opinion, the worst offender is Word with its typing animation, with the animated Excel cell selection a close second. They can all be very distracting especially if you type too quickly as the animation takes time to catch up.  The good news is you can stop these animations with either a minor tweak of the registry, or alternatively you can change a windows setting but this might affect other acceptable animations in other non-office programs.

So, do one of the following (you do not need both):

In the windows registry navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Graphics and create a DWORD value named DisableAnimations. Set its data to 1 and you are done. (On my PC I had to create the Graphics key too.)

Alternatively, start the system information panel by holding down the Windows key and pressing the Pause key on your keyboard. Click on the Advanced System Settings link top-left of the dialog. Under the Advanced tab, click on the Settings button in the Performance section. Looking at the Visual effects tab, select the Custom option, then clear the tick in the check box at the top of the list labelled Animate Control and elements inside windows. Click on OK and you are done.