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VBA to convert a mapped drive letter to UNC path

I was asked today about using VBA to convert a mapped network drive letter to a UNC path. Say for example we have drive Z: mapped to \\Server\Folders\Accounts. How can we use VBA to return the UNC data when we only know the drive letter? The answer is to use the code shown below. This does require us to set a reference in the VB Editor using Tools, References to the Microsoft Scripting Runtime.

 Function GetUNC(strMappedDrive As String) As String
    Dim objFso As FileSystemObject
    Set objFso = New FileSystemObject
    Dim strDrive As String
    Dim strShare As String
    'Separated the mapped letter from
    'any following sub-folders
    strDrive = objFso.GetDriveName(strMappedDrive)
    'find the UNC share name from the mapped letter
    strShare = objFso.Drives(strDrive).ShareName
    'The Replace function allows for sub-folders
    'of the mapped drive
    GetUNC = Replace(strMappedDrive, strDrive, strShare)
    Set objFso = Nothing 'Destroy the object
End Function

So, using the example mapping stated earlier, if I call GetUNC(“Z:”) the function returns
\\Server\Folders\Accounts and if I call GetUNC(“Z:\OldData”) then it will return