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Project Calendars Renaming and Copying

How to Rename and Copy Project Calendars

The secret to renaming and copying project calendars between Microsoft Project files is to use the Organizer. This article explains how.

The Organizer is found by clicking on the File tab, then in the Info backstage area clicking on the Organizer button.

Once in the Organizer you need to click on the Calendars tab.

Listed in the left pane will be the calendars in the Global template (Global.MPT). In the right-hand pane will be the calendars in the current project file.Project calendars organizer

To rename a calendar

  1. rename project calendarsClick on the current calendar name in the respective pane.
  2. Click on the Rename button.
  3. In the displayed Rename dialog, type in the new name then click on OK.

To copy a calendar to another project.

  1. Open up both project files.
  2. Open the Organizer.
  3. In the calendars tab of the Organizer, use the two Calendars available in drop-down selectors at the bottom of the dialog to select the project file that has your calendar in one pane, and the project that you want to copy the calendar over to in the other drop-down selector.
  4. Click on the calendar name that you want to copy, then click on the Copy button. Your calendar will be copied to the other Project file. (If you copy your calendar to the Global.MPT template file it will be available for all new blank projects.)