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Typing Accented Characters in Word

I have been asked a few times how to type accented characters in Word. You can use the Insert Symbol option which gives you most characters.

For those of you who like using keyboard shartcuts try the shortcuts below to add accent marks to your documents. For example, to type the “À” character you would press the CTRL key + the ` key and then press Shift and A to create a capital A with the accent mark. (The ` character is the back-apostrophe key which UK users would find above the TAB key on your keyboard.)

Key Shortcut Key Shortcut
À CTRL+`, Shift+A à CTRL+`, a
Á CTRL+’, Shift+A á CTRL+’, a
à CTRL+~, Shift+A ã CTRL+~, a
Ä CTRL+:, Shift+A ä CTRL+:, a
È CTRL+`, Shift+E è CTRL+`, e
É CTRL+’, Shift+E é CTRL+’, e
Ë CTRL+:, Shift+E ë CTRL+:, e
Ì CTRL+`, Shift+I ì CTRL+`, i
Í CTRL+’, Shift+I í CTRL+’, i
Ï CTRL+:, Shift+I ï CTRL+:, i
Ñ CTRL+~, Shift+N ñ CTRL+~, n
Ò CTRL+`, Shift+O ò CTRL+`, o
Ó CTRL+’, Shift+O ó CTRL+’, o
Ö CTRL+:, Shift+O ö CTRL+:, o
Ù CTRL+`, Shift+U ù CTRL+`, u
Ú CTRL+’, Shift+U ú CTRL+’, u
Ü CTRL+:, Shift+U ü CTRL+:, u