Databases and Excel VBA Programming

In addition to the training, you can get the best out of your Microsoft Office software in other ways with creation of databases and automation of Excel through Visual Basic for Applications programming. This is done through programming Microsoft Office, and this development work is charged at only £65 per hour so pays for itself very quickly. If you don’t know what automation is then read this blog entry here.

Database Creation

A database can help you reduce repetitive data entry, improve reliability of information, and automate form and report processes within your company. If you’ve been storing information in a card system, or using a spreadsheet, you could find that data entry is error-prone and you’ll certainly be finding it repetitive and time consuming.

A properly set up database will help you to store information in related tables so you only have to enter information once but be able to use it against multiple records. If there is an error during entry, one correction applies to all the relevant records.

Keeping consistent, error-free records is the key to keeping track of your business performance.

Specific database solutions to help you manage the day-to-day tracking of your business information can be created. If this is properly designed and set up, it will ensure that important information is not left out, missed, or incorrectly associated with the wrong customer. Use the contact form to arrange a no obligation meeting. You have nothing to lose and lots of information to gain!

Automate Excel, Word, Access and Outlook

automationMicrosoft Office is a very powerful suite of software programs. Many organisations use nowhere near the full capability of the software. Macros are a feature in some office programs that let you record your steps and actions as you work with your document or spreadsheet. These recorded macros can be played back at a later time, re-creating the work that was carried out before just by running the macro.

Members of staff might use macros that they have created, but often these can be improved upon. Recorded macros cannot interact with users or work on data that changes from one month to the next or changes in data size.

Chris Page can program more effective and efficient macros that do not record inefficient steps and that perform much more quickly than recorded macros can. Interaction with the user can be included and the macros can also cater for changing periods and variable size data.

A macro is great to take away the drudgery of repetitive tasks. However, a macro that runs in seconds is even better than one that takes several minutes to run.

Office programs can be linked together to share information or even control each other

officelinkHave you considered automating Microsoft Office to link programs together, create interactive forms or layouts, or to help reduce repetitive actions?

One client has outlying managers completing budget sheets in Excel that on a click of a button are emailed as Outlook attachments to head office. In head office, Outlook detects the attachments and imports the data into an Access database for monthly analysis and reports. Another client reduces complex checking of large spreadsheets containing account analysis to the click of a button. The automation then creates multiple single account sheets that are exported to an accounts program.

Do you have a need for automation? Why not have a chat if you are not sure? Chris can explain things and help you without using any confusing jargon. A programmer who does not speak geek! Use the contact form for a no-obligation discussion of your requirements.