Courseware for Microsoft Office Courses

Ready-made courseware for Microsoft Office Courses for your own delivery of training courses is now available. This is ideal if you are an IT Training department, or a new startup IT Training business, when you do not have the time to develop your own. The courseware author is Chris Page.

There is lots of information and samples below, but please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements so I can give you a customised quote.  Please note that this courseware is only available for purchase in the United Kingdom.

Courseware Features

  • One-off fee with no annual renewal fees
  • Unlimited copies and unlimited number of users at your local site
  • Fully customizable where you can simply cut & paste, or even add additional material including but not limited to your own company name & logo, as you wish.
  • Includes manuals, exercises and exercise files

Each course is divided into modules with clearly defined objectives and practical exercises that help reinforce the module’s objectives.

Most courses are one-day courses apart from the Word Mail Merge and Graphics Made Easy course (½ day), the Word Forms with Macros course (½ day), and the Excel Programming using Visual Basic for Applications course (3 days). This 3-day course in addition to the manuals, exercise sheets and course files, comes with PowerPoint slides for each module to help explain the programming theory covered during the course. PowerPoint slides are not used for any other courses as the students are expected to work hands-on under the guidance of the instructor using question and answer training techniques. This is very much like the TAP trainer technique advocated by the Institute of IT Training when it first started. Please note there is no instructor manual – the delegate manuals indicate where the exercises should take place.  (Warning – if you do not know the subject, you will be unable to teach it using this courseware.)

Deliverable material consists of the following:

  • Delegate manuals and exercise sheets in Word format.
  • All specific exercise files in the relevant application format.
  • For the Excel Programming using Visual Basic for Applications course, additional PowerPoint slide presentations for each theory module of the course.

Courseware Samples

You can download the course samples below and see the quality for yourself.  The samples illustrate Office 2016 courseware but you can purchase courseware covering Office 2013 or Office 2010 also. The samples are in PDF format – please note the samples are the the full table of contents for each manual plus the first 6 pages, together with the first 2 exercise sheets.

Courseware Prices

You can decide what to buy. It can be a specific course, application courseware, all courseware for a specific version of Microsoft Office, or all the courseware for all available versions of Microsoft Office (2016 and  2013  – sorry but Office 2019 is not available).

Editable Courseware Prices (Supplied as Word files)

  • A single one-day course – £25.00
  • A single 3-day course – £55.00
  • All Excel courses per version – £99.00
  • All Word ourses per version – £69.00
  • All Outlook courses per version – £40.00
  • All PowerPoint courses per version – £40.00
  • All Access courses per version – £40.00
  • All Office courses per version – £325.00.

You will need to specify which Office version you want (2016 or 2013). All Office courses for all versions (2016 and 2013) can be purchased for £550.00

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements so I can give you a customised quote. You will be able to pay by cheque, or by credit card through PayPal.