Presentation Skills Training and Microsoft Office Training provided to companies based in Shrewsbury, Telford and throughout Shropshire since 1995.


Training is delivered when and where you need it. The training is not just Microsoft Office Training and Programming courses but also Presentations Skills and Communication Skills training. Everything necessary to run a successful course is provided at no extra cost to you –  including the computers to learn on.  Also courses can be customised to meet specific requirements. Real-world skills are taught and target the skills you need to perform your work effectively and efficiently. Every course is instructor-led by me with small groups to ensure you get the best from the course; even one-to-one training is possible. Get more information on the training…



If you are UK-based, you can purchase courseware for Microsoft Office courses for your own delivery of training courses. Only available to people in the United Kingdom, the courseware can be supplied in non-editable PDF format or fully editable Microsoft Word format. This courseware is ideal if you are an IT Training department, or a new startup IT Training business, when you do not have the time to develop your own. Look here for more information.